Every Life Form on Earth Uses The Same Chemical For Energy. This Could Explain Why. : ScienceAlert

All life as we know it uses the exact same energy-carrying molecule as a kind of ‘universal cellular fuel’. Now, ancient chemistry may explain how that all-important molecule ended up being ATP (adenosine triphosphate) a new study reports. ATP is an organic molecule, charged up by photosynthesis or by cellularContinue Reading

Discovering Even Friendly Aliens Could Have Some Real Risks For Humanity : ScienceAlert

Science fiction is the realm where people traditionally wrestle with the idea of contact with an ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence). But now, those discussions are migrating from science fiction into more serious realms. Academics are going back and forth, one paper at a time, concerning the response and geopolitical fallout fromContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — First, he married a Kennedy. Then he behaved like one. Like his idol Bill Clinton — he still cherishes the cigar humidor Clinton gave him — Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not seem to realize times had changed. Back in 1998, when the story broke about the affair with Monica Lewinsky, Clinton aidesContinue Reading

The Mysterious Phenomenon of Déjà Vu Is Finally Closer to Being Explained : ScienceAlert

Have you ever had that weird feeling that you’ve experienced the same exact situation before, even though that’s impossible? Sometimes it can even seem like you’re reliving something that already happened. This phenomenon, known as déjà vu, has puzzled philosophers, neurologists, and writers for a very long time. Starting inContinue Reading