Chimps And Gorillas Seen Hanging Together In The Wild, And We Wish We Were Invited : ScienceAlert

Decades of patiently watching chimpanzees and gorillas in the wilds of Central Africa has revealed for the first time long-lasting, cooperative, social relationships can develop between the two species. Within the Goualougo Triangle – a conservation stronghold in the Republic of Congo – the two endangered animals often cross paths.Continue Reading

The Pacific Is Destined to Vanish as Earth's Continents Meld Into a New Supercontinent : ScienceAlert

The Pacific Ocean’s days are numbered, according to a new supercomputer simulation of Earth’s ever-drifting tectonic plates. The good news? Our planet’s oldest ocean still has another 300 million years to go. If the Pacific gets lucky, it might even celebrate its billionth birthday before finally trickling out of existence.Continue Reading

Control of a 6-Qubit Processor in Silicon : ScienceAlert

Another record has been broken on the way to fully operational and capable quantum computers: the complete control of a 6-qubit quantum processor in silicon. Researchers are calling it “a major stepping stone” for the technology. Qubits (or quantum bits) are the quantum equivalents of classical computing bits, only theyContinue Reading

'Dark Data' Is Leaving a Huge Carbon Footprint, And We Have to Do Something About It : ScienceAlert

More than half of the digital data firms generate is collected, processed, and stored for single-use purposes. Often, it is never re-used. This could be your multiple near-identical images held on Google Photos or iCloud, a business’s outdated spreadsheets that will never be used again, or data from internet ofContinue Reading