Individuals Are Now ‘Perineum Sunning’ to Enhance Their Wellness. This is What Science Says

In the event you sustain with wellness tendencies, you may need heard of one thing referred to as “perineum sunning“.

If you have not, it is simply what it feels like. It includes going outdoors undressed — not less than on the underside half — and positioning your self in a manner that exposes your perineum to the solar for a short while.


The perineum is the realm between the genitals and anus — so between the anus and the vulva in females, and between the anus and the scrotum in males. It isn’t part of our our bodies that normally sees the sunshine of day.

Whereas the proponents of this development speak about all types of advantages, there is not any proof for it. It could nicely do no hurt — or you can end up with a nasty case of sunburn.

The place does the concept come from?

Perineum sunning is claimed to have roots in an historical Taoist follow, the place the perineum, or “Hui Yin”, is considered a gateway the place vitality enters and exits the physique.

It is in all probability additionally associated to the concept that the solar has therapeutic powers. A few years in the past solar publicity was advisable after childbirth, and sunlamps had been utilized in labour wards to ostensibly assist therapeutic. However there was no proof for this.

A number of the attraction of the development may also lie within the truth many pale-skinned folks wish to be tanned.

That mentioned, tanning is just not the motivation behind the perineum sunning wellness development. Individuals who do it say it offers their physique an intense dose of vitamin D, and due to this fact a major vitality increase.


It may additionally supposedly enhance creativity, enhance sleep, and even promote a wholesome libido, amongst different reported advantages.

However there is not any proof to assist any of those supposed advantages. Though there have been no scientific research on perineum sunning thus far, I’d be very shocked if any future analysis did reveal any notable advantages.

Nonetheless, we won’t dismiss the placebo impact. For instance, if somebody thinks sunning their perineum will enhance their libido, it in all probability will.

Is it protected?

The primary danger of perineum sunning is sunburn. Solar-exposed pores and skin adapts to publicity to ultraviolet (UV) gentle by forming melanin, the pure protecting pigment in pores and skin that reduces the chance of sunburn.

So if you get UV gentle on part of your pores and skin that is not accustomed to solar publicity, you are more likely to get burnt.

In the event you do get sunburnt on this delicate space, it is more likely to be very sore. You will not be capable of have intercourse for a few week, and it’d sting to urinate.

And naturally, UV is a identified carcinogen, which is why these days we discourage any type of tanning. Sunburn can enhance your danger of pores and skin most cancers, and power UV publicity can elevate pores and skin most cancers danger even with out inflicting sunburn.


You would need to do an terrible lot of perineum sunning to get pores and skin most cancers from it. Nonetheless, there are different potential carcinogens that have an effect on that space, similar to oncogenic human papillomavirus genotypes (HPV).

On the whole, the extra carcinogens you are uncovered to, the larger the chance.

In the event you’re carrying one other attainable carcinogen like HPV — statistics recommend HPV is current in as much as 70 p.c of sexually energetic folks (although this doesn’t suggest all of them have the oncogenic sorts, with the potential to trigger most cancers) — this might theoretically enhance your danger from perineum sunning.

So what is the take-home message?

In the event you strive perineum sunning on the odd event for a few minutes, it is in all probability not harmful. And there is nothing to say you’ll be able to’t put sunscreen in your perineum if you wish to be safer about it.

When it comes to following radical well being claims, there are worse issues you can do, like ingesting bleach or shopping for one in all Pete Evans’ “BioCharger” machines.

However nonetheless, I would not suggest perineum sunning. I do not assume it has any profit, and it does carry some extent of danger.


In the event you’re seeking to really feel extra energised, there are many different ways to strive. Make sure you get sufficient sleep, train frequently, eat wholesome meals, keep away from smoking, restrict leisure medicine, reasonable your alcohol consumption, and keep out of the solar.

These are the types of issues wellness is about, if you happen to have a look at it from the angle of science.

On the finish of the day, there is not any magic approach to increase your vitality. And sticking your perineum within the solar is just not going to be the reply.

Gayle Fischer, Professor of Dermatology, College of Sydney.

This text is republished from The Dialog below a Artistic Commons license. Learn the unique article.


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