Quiz of the yr: Are you able to bear in mind the science tales of 2020?

The pandemic could have stolen most of the headlines of 2020, however this yr has been a bumper yr for different science, too. Are you able to bear in mind it? Discover out in our covid-free quiz


16 December 2020


The Thwaites glacier in Antarctica


1 We kicked off 2020 with the cheery information that the “doomsday” Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is shedding about 35 billion tonnes of ice per yr. It’s presently about the identical measurement as which island?

A Eire

B Nice Britain

C New Guinea

D Java

2 On a lighter notice, in June, we revealed footage of Uraba lugens, a caterpillar that wears its outdated heads as a hat. What number of occasions can it moult its head?

A 4

B 7

C 9

D 13

3 In September, we reported that astronomers could have …

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