The predictions of DeepMind’s newest AI might revolutionise drugs

AlphaFold, DeepMind’s new synthetic intelligence, might speed up drug growth by its potential to foretell the form of the proteins that make up our our bodies


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2 December 2020

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ALMOST a century in the past, an opportunity discovery revolutionised drugs. Alexander Fleming left a petri dish of micro organism out whereas he went on a two-week vacation. On his return, he discovered that the dish had been contaminated by a fungus that produced an antibacterial substance. He named it penicillin, and it has since saved tens of millions of lives.

Even within the trendy world, drug discovery nonetheless basically depends on likelihood. Pharmaceutical firms typically display 1000’s of compounds looking for one with the specified impact.

The dream, although, is to make drug growth a a lot quicker and extra rational course of. …

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