The Protect evaluation: The inside wrestle to outlive in a robotic world

How do people really feel dwelling in a world the place robots outperform them, asks The Protect by Ariel S. Winter. Clare Wilson says it is an ideal thought experiment


9 December 2020

How would we react if machines dominated the world?

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The Protect

Ariel S. Winter

Simon & Schuster

WHEN AI that’s really sentient lastly emerges, the large query is how people will fare. Will machines attempt to hunt us to extinction, as within the Terminator movies, or will their omnipotence imply life for people could be the form of prolonged get together of Iain M. Banks’s Tradition sequence?

In Ariel S. Winter’s The Protect, the robots have reached a stage someplace within the center. The e book is about within the not-too-distant future, when human populations have dwindled …

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