Why don’t wildebeest have wheels? Exploring the bounds of evolution

Evolution has produced a stupendous variety of lifeforms, however there are some variations it by no means appears to supply, like flying crops or zebras with weapons. Is there’s a restrict to its creativity?


16 December 2020

“From so easy a starting infinite varieties most lovely and most fantastic have been, and are being, developed.” That was how Charles Darwin described the unbelievable variety of life varieties generated by evolution. However he by no means addressed the massive query: if evolution is infinitely progressive, why hasn’t it produced animals with wheels? Are there limits to evolution’s creativity that imply some issues can by no means evolve? And if not, why haven’t issues like flying crops arisen or something resembling a semi-automatic rifle?

Evolution exists as a result of dwelling issues range: every member of a species is subtly completely different to each different one. These which can be higher suited to their environments usually tend to breed and move on their genes, and so their beneficial traits turn out to be extra widespread within the inhabitants. Given sufficient time, this sluggish course of can create wonders like gigantic blue whales, cooperative honeybees and towering sequoias. Evolution has produced animals that reside greater than 10 kilometres beneath the ocean and micro organism that may deal with doses of radiation that will kill an individual many instances over.

But some issues simply don’t appear to show up. Wheeled animals are a basic instance – the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould mentioned them in his 1983 e-book Hen’s Tooth and Horse’s Toes – however there are lots of others. In a 2015 paper, Geerat Vermeij on the College of California, Davis, recognized 32 combos of traits that evolution has seemingly by no means produced. As an illustration, there are not any inflexible constructions like coral reefs in contemporary water, no plant-eating snakes and no flying crops.

It’s tempting to invent the explanation why these can’t exist, however Vermeij is …

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