Wombling, boojums and thunk: Take a look at your self in our jargon-busting quiz

Any concept what an Aa is? How about frass? That is your probability to point out off your data of (or simply have a great snigger at) among the extra arcane and pleasant phrases utilized by scientists

16 December 2020

1 Aa

A An isthmus fashioned when a river meander is reduce off, forming an oxbow lake

B A tough volcanic lava move characterised by jumbled piles of unfastened, sharp blocks

C A haze of risky natural chemical substances given off by rainforest canopies


2 Boojums

A In physics, geometric patterns that type on the floor of superfluid helium

B In astronomy, Blue Objects Noticed Simply Present process Reasonable Starbursts

C In botany, unusual cactus-like bushes (Fouquieria columnaris) discovered totally on the Baja California peninsula in Mexico


3 Degeneracy

A When two totally different genetic sequences code for a similar factor

B When two otherwise organized quantum techniques share the identical vitality

C When two totally different crops share the identical mattress


4 Frass

A Freshly reduce grass

B Iron filings

C Insect excrement


5 Jerk

A In physics, the third spinoff of displacement with respect to time

B In genomics, a discontinuity in a base sequence that disrupts replication

C In chemistry, a sudden, sudden reflux by way of a distillation condenser



A Male Androgens Correlated to Hepatic Output, hormones implicated in differing metabolic charges between the sexes

B Large Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects, a attainable identification for darkish matter

C Molecular Anionic Compounds with Hydrophobic Oxygen Species, a standard ingredient of soaps and face lotions


7 Monorchid

A Of a plant, having just one fruiting physique

B Of a taxonomic genus, having just one constituting species

C Of a scrotum, having just one testicle


8 Nutation

A Swimming with tucked-in ft to lower water resistance, as practised by crocodilians and others

B A periodic variation within the path of …

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